Arbutin Whitening Skin Facial Essence 28 Bottle Small Ampoule Niacinamide Revitalizing Brightening Beauty Needle Serum

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Key words: layer by layer to improve dull complexion, stabilize skin radiance, moisturizing, soothing repair
Place of production: China
Net content: 28 bottles
Shelf life: 3 years
Product introduction: Contains botanical skin-lighting arbutin component, moisturizing texture, light and thin, improve dull skin tone and uneven skin tone, improve skin’s gloss, while delicate pores, firming skin, make skin glow brightly .
The main ingredients are introduced:
–Arbutin: It inhibits the formation of melanin and penetrates the skin quickly, thus reducing the pigmentation of the skin, brightening the complexion and improving uneven skin tone.
Nicotinamide: Also known as a derivative of vitamin B3, it prevents the skin from appearing dark yellow and uneven skin tone during early aging.
Sodium hyaluronate: moisturizing and hydrating, it can absorb 1000 times its own weight of water, retain moisture in the skin and prevent the loss of moisture, improve skin dryness, increase skin gloss, make skin smooth, soft and elastic.
Gentian root: soothes sensitive, anti-oxidant, moisturizing

The effect reflects the test:
Based on third-party test data after 28 days, 40-43 Chinese female testers aged 25-45, one daily (using a cleansing foundation and a basic sunscreen product instead of the daily skin care process during the test) continued to use the skin for 1 to 28 days. The results of the expert evaluation (hydraulic degree +19%, whiteness +13%, fine lines lightening -6%) actual effects vary from person to person.
Frequently Asked Questions:
“1. What age is it good to use ampoules?
A: Skin over 16 years old can be used if needed.”
“2, what kind of skin is this ampoules?
A: Suitable for all skin types, this bottle of ampoules will be more effective for dry, neutral mixed skin, 0 added alcohol, flavor, pigment, sensitive muscles are also applicable;
“3, 1 bottle should be used all within 1 day?
A: 1 ampoules can be used on both the face and neck, moisturizing and brightening the skin. If you need to save, you can insert the cap into the bottle.”
“3, recommended dosage and usage
A: Regardless of the season, it is recommended to use it for one week. If it needs to be consolidated for 28 days, this product can be used on the whole face. ”
“4. How is the effect of acne marks?
A: This product mainly adds the brightening ingredient arbutin, which can improve the desalination of melanin. “

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Improve dullness

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