CellDeal Reusable Tea Bag Nylon Bag Food Grade Fine Mesh Nylon Filter Bag Cheesecloth Coffee Filter Fruit Juice Soymilk Wine


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-Smartly Designed in Response to Customer Requests for a Bigger Better Quality Bag Than the Small Egg-Shaped Ones, With a Wider Opening and Rounded Corners to Eliminate Waste and Messy Pouring.
-Designed with the best FOOD GRADE commercial nylon mesh
-It’s the perfect shape size with more surface area to squeeze
-Get Professional Quality and Design
-Start making the most nutritious, creamy,silky smooth, nut milks & juices!
-It’s Easier to Squeeze for Faster Results,You’ll Never Have to Filter Your Almond Milks Or Cold Brew Coffee Twice.
-Fast Drying and Mold Free With Nylon Drawstring. Makes Small 8oz or Big 4 Quart Recipes Easily.

-The Perfect Shape for Pouring Without Spilling.

Material: Food Grade Nylon
Type: 120, 160, 200 Mesh
Diameter – Height (cm)
9 – 16
14 – 20
19 – 28

======Choose Guide======

120 Mesh -Meet home filtration, soy milk, fruit juice, vegetable juice, fruit vinegar, Chinese medicine and other homemade beverages
160 Mesh -Applicable to high requirements, or less dregs, filtering soybean milk may be a little slower, suitable for tea, juice, etc.
200 Mesh -Ultra-fine filter, almost no residue after filtering, but relatively dense. If there is a lot of slag, it will be slow to filter. Unless it is filtered once with 120 mesh, it is generally suitable for filtering milk, yogurt, fried residue, wine, honey, etc.

======Package Includes======
-1 * filter bag



1. The measurements were done by hand, so there may be errors within 1-2cm or 1-5g.

2. Factors such as lighting, contrast and color display can cause the photos to look slightly different, this is not indicative of any product quality issues.

3. The size is based on the actual measurements. We may enlarge the pictures just to display details better.

Additional information

Filter Type

Reusable Filters

Size S


Size M


Size L







Solid Food Grade Certified

A 120mesh Style Suitable For

Soy Milk,Fruit Juice,Vegetable juice, vinegar,Chinese Medicine

B 160mesh Style Suitable For

Milk, Tea, Fruit Juice

C 200mesh Style Suitable For

Milk, Yogurt, Oil Residue, Wine, Honey


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