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Deep Muscle Relief Massager


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This personal handheld massager gun helps you overcome muscle soreness, relieve body fatigue, and combat stiffness and spasms. Enjoy a deep tissue massage anytime for relaxation anywhere, from home to office to on the road.



  • Stiffness and Soreness Relief: Relieve muscle stiffness and soreness, promote blood and lymph circulation, and accelerate recovery after exercise and sports injuries. Plus, regular massage can help improve overall soft-tissue health while preventing inflammation.
  • Six Different Massage Heads:  Reach every crevice and target area with six various-shaped massage heads, all included with your massager.
  • High-quality Motor: A high-quality motor and super heat-dissipating function allow this multifaceted massager to deliver relief and pleasure, all in tranquility. No loud buzzing or vibration — just smooth vibrations and deep relief.
  • Quick Charging: Choose from the Simple, Low-Noise, or Low-Noise and High-Endurance models. Each massager is equipped with a 2400mAh high-quality lithium battery, and can work from 2 to 8 hours after each charge, depending on your model. Models range from 4 to 20 speed levels. Charging is quick, too. Plus, four international plug types mean you can give the gift of comfort to anyone anywhere in the world.
  • HD LCD Display: With touch-buttons and crystal-clear display of gear position and speed level, adjust your massager to your liking with ease.



✅ Reduced recovery time from injuries

✅ Increased blood flow

✅ Clears lactic acid for less muscle pain

✅ Releases muscle knots

✅ Breaks down scar tissue

✅ Increases your range of motion by eliminating fatigue and strain
















Simple Model

  • Power Charger Rated Input: 100-240 VAC 50/60Hz 1A
  • Battery Rated Type: Lithium-Ion
  • Capacity: 1800mAh
  • Working Time: 2-4 Hours
  • Massager Speed Adjustment: 1-4 Levels
  • Weight: 1500g

















Low Noise Model

  • Power Charger Rated Input: 100-240 VAC 50/60Hz 1A
  • Battery Rated Type: Lithium-Ion
  • Capacity: 2000mAh
  • Working Time: 3-8 Hours
  • Massager Speed Adjustment: 1-20 Levels
  • Weight: 1500g

















Low Noise and High Endurance Model 

  • Power Charger Rated Input: 100-240 VAC 50/60Hz 1A
  • Battery Rated Type: Lithium-Ion
  • Capacity: 2400mAh
  • Working Time: 6-8 Hours
  • Massager Speed Adjustment: 1-20 Levels
  • Weight: 1500g

Body Massage Gun LCD Display Exercising Muscle Electric Massager Gun head Massager for Neck and Back Vibrator Slimming ShapingBody Massage Gun LCD Display Exercising Muscle Electric Massager Gun head Massager for Neck and Back Vibrator Slimming Shaping


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Brand Name


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Massage Gun


Multi Size SML


Composite Material

Item Type

Massage & Relaxation




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35 reviews for Deep Muscle Relief Massager

  1. P***l

    Works excellent whole family loves it

  2. H****y

    premium quality for the money. came in about 3 weeks. very satisfied.

  3. B****a

    The package came all right and everything was good.

  4. T***t

    Everything ok, ship so fast! Just need 7 days, I recommend!!! The massager is good!

  5. R***r

    Good product, 6 massage head, work so good!!!

  6. Y***y

    7 days arrived, it is perfect! Very helpful!

  7. Y***y

    5 star for store, 100 star for product

  8. G***g

    Do you believe? 3 days arrived here.. amazing! Item as described, good color & feel. Will l be more cost effective as it’s a lot cheaper than going to a massage every other week.

  9. F****n

    Helpful, originally put the wrong address and they managed to change destination after dispatch. the other place was my ex girlfriends I was so worried I wouldn’t get it LOL. great product thanks!

  10. O****a

    I really like the massage gun. It’s actually really helpful for those who used to go to the therapist or massage places every week to relief some pain and now cannot go anywhere because of the lockdown. I ordered this off amazon so I can still get my massages in. The power is a lot even at 1 it feels at if it is pounding. I would recommend helps relief pain.

  11. T***l

    Works very well and each charge lasts me a few weeks when I use it daily (probably 5-10 mins a day). It comes with a number of attachments but I tend to just use the foam ball one as it seems to be pretty universal so far. It also has a number of speed/power settings so it’s pretty easy to dial in just the right amount for what you need in that area.

  12. J****n

    This massage gun is awesome. It looks great with a carbon fiber effect finish and feels really well made. The LED lights are great and the 3 power settings are perfect. I have tried all attachments and it feels really good on the muscles, getting non nice and deep. Came packed in a nice storage case which also looks very nice. Highly recommended

  13. R****l

    This thing is freaking amazing. I go to the gym alot and have soreness on the muscle group that I work out. Thanks to this, that is now gone! Highly recommended!!! Will be buying another one for my brother.

  14. L***a

    Omg. I don’t even know where to start!

    Got it 3 days ago and everyone in the family have been fighting over it! Been using it everyday and will continue using it. Might have to get another one soon so I don’t have to fight over this one lol.

  15. I******a

    Love this!!! Just received it yesterday day and my wife and I have been using it and it feels amazing! Comes with a bunch of different massage heads and they work for different parts or muscles! Absolutely recommend!!! You won’t be disappointed!!

  16. E***a

    In my opinion i think this is the best massage gun i have ever used for a long time . Before i try a lot of different brand of massage gun but it didn’t bring the best result for my musccle when i was painfull . It is easy to use by the power mode you can switch to the strongest button for the best feeling. My father have the painfull musccle when he work outside the garden but this one is help a lot . Finnally i highly recommend for this massage gun .

  17. I***n

    This is an excellent massager. I love the different attachments that come with this, because different muscle groups require different approaches! It’s high-quality material (except the sticker that says “massager”), and the ring light on the bottom let’s you know when the battery is getting low by changing color. Very good purchase, such a great idea for a gift!

  18. L*****a

    Works really good. First time I saw a massage gun with my trainer around 6 months ago. He asked me use it before and after the workout so that I can relax my muscles. After using it for 15 minutes I feel in love and was planning to get one and now I got one. This gun is much better than the one I used. It has lots of attachment and the speed is consistent. The battery is good now and it charges well. One good thing is that when I put on the highest speed then also the product is stable. I love this one and use it every day now for around 15 minutes. I will update later how the battery stays.

  19. R****a

    I have a monthly message membership and since the pandemic I have not been able to get my regular messages. I have been in so much pain with tension headaches and knots flaring up that I can’t sleep or get comfortable. I decided to try this out to see if it was as good as the one my masseuse used during my sessions and I am so excited that t is and I can finally get some relief! I will probably be canceling my message membership now that I have this. I am able to use it on myself for my shoulders, neck, sciatic nerve and legs. My husband will help when I need a full back message. I highly recommend this…you won’t be sorry!

  20. S****a

    My husband is a football coach and has been wanting a massage gun for home for the longest time… I finally gave in and bought him one – and he loves it! The speed/pressure setting goes all the way up to 30 and is crazy powerful. I will say you have to be pretty strong to effectively handle and use this massage gun on the higher settings. It comes with plenty of attachments to treat basically any muscle group! The battery life is great and still hasn’t died from the initial charge. I really like that it comes with a storage case to keep everything together and organized.

  21. E****t

    My mom has chronic muscle pain and nothing she does helps her which effects her sleep a lot. I got this for her as a gift and she has been using it every night. Definitely helped her go through the knots and help her with the pain. My mom has been in love with it. SHe loves the different tops you can use as well. The charge lasts for a very long time so it has been really great. The speed changes depending on how much pressure you want to put yourself. Overall, it’s kind of addictive but super great for the body specially for the day to day use.

  22. P*****a

    So, first of all, shipping was super fast! That was the first awesome thing.
    I’ve been wanting one of these for a while. My husband and I are both avid weight lifters and this has already come in handy from day one. It’s cordless, which is great because you can sit comfortably and not have to worry about a cord. The battery was charged enough to try it out when I first opened it, and it was amazing.
    We let it charge for six hours, as recommended in the instructions and used it later. I right away felt my muscles loosening and relaxing. I have an old rotator cuff injury and usually find it difficult to get relief in that area. With about a two minute concentration in that area, I felt more relief than I’ve had even with a chiropractor!

  23. R****r

    I am a Licensed Massage Therapist in the state of Texas. I have ordered many supplies for my business through Amazon. I have been looking for a handheld. Vibration machine to improve the business for my clients. I have been trained to used a machine of similar caliber but now finally have found this device to use on the go.

    This Massage Gun has a lower vibration per minute than the device I have been trained to used but I am so much happier with this machine. Working with my hands is tough enough but other machines with a faster vibration can actually be harder on my hands as a provider holding on to the vibrating machine. The weight of the machine is balanced well and feels good in my hands while operating.

  24. N****y

    My experience was not normal. To recap, the 1st massage gun that I bought must have been damaged in shipping. Most of the functions would not operate and the battery died in 5 mins. I was later contacted by the seller, after they heard about my experience, they decided to step in and make it right. I was sent a brand new massage gun that works flawlessly. So to say that their customer service is excellent is not enough. As for the functions and the accessories that come with it, all are great to hit the muscles you aim for. Battery life is great and it is easy to use. I would highly recommend this massage gun, both for their customer service and quality.

  25. R****s

    This is a well built massager. It comes in a nice carrying case to hold all of the different ends. I have been going to various chiropractors and physical therapy to relieve tension in my back. This has reduced the need for these visits and allows me to get the relief at home. The device is easy to use, my 4 year old is able to operate and use it.

    There are various different ends to use depending on the target muscle. Battery life has been great! My only wish would be to “save” the last power setting when turning the device on and off. However, this is a minor inconvenience and doesn’t actually affect performance.

  26. M*****k

    I bought this for my everyday use after researching a lot ,the branded ones are very expensive compared to this.
    this is very slim/sleek and light weight massager with 4 unique massage heads that helps to massage different parts of body.
    As a 6 days gym goer ,i am enjoying it a lot from the first try itself,its best massager for sore muscles and to loosen up body tights .
    i recommend this to buy for the best quality at this price.

  27. L***y

    I absolutely love this handheld massager. Just the whole package it comes with is astounding. Unlike other manufacturers, this one comes with a carrying case with all the tips you ever need depending on the situation. Furthermore, the touch screen interface on the massager is a nice touch. It makes everything clean looking rather than having plastic buttons. Even in bright daylight, the screen is nice and bright, making it easy to see the interface. I haven’t even charged it ever since it came a week and a half ago and the battery is still going strong. A mix of good battery life, a ton of accessories, and good overall build quality makes this a perfect purchase.

  28. T**k

    We’ve had this massager for a little over a week and have used it every single day! My husband has bad back problems and he had used something similar to this in therapy so we decided with everything being closed down we should just buy our own. It’s helps a lot and I even play around with it on my leg muscles since I am a runner. The battery life is awesome as we have not had to plug it back in since its first use. There are many attachments to choose from and they are fun to play around with to see what feels best in different areas. I know it’s a big chunk of money, but I do think it is worth it, especially if you’re not able to get out to a chiropractor or a masseuse!

  29. Z****a

    My physical therapist used this same unit on me in the office to give me a deep tissue message and I decided I needed one at home. I have been experiencing muscle ache and sourness for weeks and as soon as I purchased this unit and used it at home I was delighted. This is such a powerful unit and the adjustable speed is perfect for the several different attachments. I have used all the attachments for different parts of my body and each one has a specific use. They work great. The charge of the unit lasts for weeks. It does have a large handle and that makes it harder to hold comfortably for any real length of time, but it’s tolerable. This is an excellent massage unit and I would highly recommend to anyone who could benefit from a powerful massage.

  30. S****i

    these things have been blowing up lately and I’ve really wanted to get one but they have all been super expensive. while browsing i came across this one for like half the price so I took a chance on it. I’m really happy that I did because this product does provide relief after my workout. upon finishing up my workout I went ahead and used this on my bicep and also my pecks. at first I had to get the hang of it. I felt it almost rushing blood to the area which I could tell loosened me up. the next morning I wasn’t sore at all especially since it’s been a little while since working the one specific muscle. it’s really a simple but effective concept. if you train a lot and need something to help you feel relief this gun is the goat!

  31. R****l

    I was thinking about buying a name brand one, this slashes several hundreds off the price. I can use this thing for hours on a single charge, without missing a beat. I was also surprised to hear how quiet this thing is, even on the highest setting. There’s nothing like getting and giving massages to your partner. Sometimes your hands get tired, not anymore with this thing. A child could figure this thing out. 30 different speed settings and the massage tips are easy replaced by popping them out and back in. This thing has some weight to it so it’s best just let gravity do it’s thing. After a long day you will be looking forward to a nice massage session every night. My buddy is a personal trainer and he says a lot of trainers are now using these for their clients. No wonder, where has this been all my life? Very pleased with this product and looking forward to continued use daily.

  32. I****a

    I gifted my other massage guns, thinking why not buy them again, my friend recommended this one to me. She said this one was smaller, lighter, and more quiet, which I loved because the pounding noise is loud as it is. After purchasing, I know I’m not giving this one away. The quiet and light gun really hits the knots and melts them away. The different knobs are a lot smaller than the others, so for someone like me, I prefer that better. The bigger knobs in the other massage guns were large and would take longer to untie the knots I had. I like how the case has a section where I can keep my oils, lotions, and ointments for pain relief.

  33. F***a

    I’ve previously have been using an outdated massagers.. thinking “a massager is just a massager” well this massage gun is definitely ALOT better than what I originally have been using. Firstly its battery powered (rechargeable) so you do not have to be tethered to a wall outlet. Its very powerful, it is also adjustable so you can either raise or lower the power of the massager. It also comes with different sized/shaped tips so you can choose one that suits your need and what feels best against your skin. I would totally recommend this, it comes with a nice carrying case that holds the massage gun, tips and charger as well so you wont loose any pieces from being scattered around. This also is easy to use on yourself unlike other clunky massagers. A+ in my book.

  34. P*****e

    This massage gun has been an absolute life saver for me! I love fitness and lifting weights, but soreness from one workout can sometimes hold me back on another one coming up. This massage gun has been a god send for just that by reducing my relief time and feeling amazing in general.

    Although I am not a trained chiropractor, I have also used this massage gun to loosen up muscle tissue on the upper middle back in order to perform a thoracic extension maneuver. If used correctly, this gun can help in the process of fixing posture and inevitably back pain caused by poor posture. 10/10 on this product!!!

  35. M****y

    This device exceeded all my expectations.

    1. Setup
    I was able to start using the device literally seconds after opening it up. It is extremely easy to setup, turn on and use.

    2. Usage
    The device is very easy to hold, easy to use, and it is very easy to change all the available heads. Most importantly, it is very convenient to use while you’re sitting on the couch and watching TV. A great way to get the same thing you get out of a massage, but at the convenience of your own home.

    3. Relief
    After about 5-10 minutes of triggering different points, I legitimately felt much better. It loosened all of my tight muscle and I felt a lot more mobile.

    4. Price
    It’s a bit on the high end in terms of price, but when you compare it to a single massage session, I think it’s worth it. You’ll have it for years, you can take it anywhere with you, and you can use it as much as you’d like. Amortized over several sessions, you’ll have your money’s worth in no time. After that, it’s all profit :).

    5. Portability
    Most importantly, I love the convenience of having this at home and on hand at any point in time. The carrying case is really great

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