Fonce Small Red Needle Japan Blood Orange vc Essence Face Serum 30 Piece Nicotinamide Liquid Stay Up Late Ampoule Stock Solution

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Keywords: anti-aging, anti-oxidation, brighten skin tone, moisturizing, soothing, fine pores

Place of Origin: CN
Shelf life: 3 years
Net content: 30piece
Place of delivery: Guangzhou, China

Product Description:
Contains the essence of blood orange (sweet orange extract), rosy skin, provides sufficient nutrients and moisture to the skin, and selects low-nicotinic acid niacinamide and vitamin C ingredients to help improve fine lines, dullness, dryness and lack of water. problem,
Skin-friendly and easy to absorb, the skin is smooth and delicate skin.

Main ingredient introduction:
Litchi peel extract: accelerates skin metabolism, anti-aging, inhibits tyrosinase, whitens, moisturizes
Aertomium seaweed extract: contains chlorophyll A, C, carotene and several lutein, mannitol and lipids, vitamins and inorganic salts, natural antioxidant, anti-aging, whitening
Citrus peel extract: eliminates a variety of free radicals, anti-oxidation, anti-aging
Salvia extract: Instantly soothes and relaxes, prevents dry skin and peels, strengthens skin barrier and dermal layer cohesion
Orange fruit extract: Orange extract has good cell proliferation activity, can repair red blood, fine pores
Rehmannia root extract: promotes fibrin growth, accelerates the metabolism of Puff, can change the composition of sebum, and can independently absorb moisture in low humidity environment.

Frequently Asked Questions:
1, orange has added pigment, flavor?
The orange in this product is citrus peel extract, orange peel oil, orange extract, pure natural ingredients extracted to form its own color, and there is no pigment, no alcohol, no fragrance, no hormones. , lead-free mercury, no antibiotics, no preservatives, pregnant women, sensitive muscles can be used with confidence.
2, the effect is good? Our essence is mainly to brighten the complexion of skin color. The extract of lychee peel, citrus peel extract and extract of seaweed seaweed are all selected from rare ingredients. The main raw materials are also imported from abroad. good results,
3. How long can a box last? There are 30 in a box, which can be used for one month. When used up, the skin can be clearly seen, the skin color becomes brighter, and the dry lines and fine lines are faded.
4. Is the hydration effect good? This product contains hyaluronic acid and rehmannia root extract to fill the water, but also absorb moisture automatically, the effect is very good

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Item Type

Face Serum

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blood orange vc essence

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Effect 1

Anti aging

Effect 2

anti oxidation

Effect 3

Brighten skin colour

Effect 4

Moisturizing and hydrating

Effect 5

Soothing repair

Effect 6

Fine pores


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