Japan shiseido moisturizing foam face facial cleansing cleanser with hyaluronic acid face wash pore cleanser unisex 120g


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Cost-effective subbrand of Japan Shiseido – Perfect whip foam cleanser

【Name】Perfect whip foam cleanser
【Ingredients】Silk protein moisturizing essence, double hyaluronic acid
【Effect】Thoroughly cleans skin, locks moisture
【Skin type】All
【Note】You may receive different versions
【Type to choose】
BLUE – Normal skin, basic skin cleansing
WHITE – Oily skin, with exfoliating effect
PINK – All skin, especially dry skin

Low-cost best-selling cleanser, The choice of most people!

# Thick rich foam
# Silk protein moisturizing essence
# Double hyaluronic acid
# Carefully wrap skin
# Deep cleaning of dirt
# Lock in moisture

Rich and delicate foam, Tenderly care for the skin!

Silk protein moisturizing essence, Foam is thicker and more moist

# Sericin: Easily fits into the skin and forms a moisturizing protective film for smoother skin.
# Hydrolyzed silk: Promote the recovery of cuticle defense function.

Add double hyaluronic acid, Powerfully lock skin moisture

# Double hyaluronic acid: It has high moisturizing effect and improves skin softness

White mud adsorbs and removes old cutin and pore dirt

Natural mineral mud, white mud, more gentle micro particles, fully absorb and clean skin dirt.

How to make dense and rich foam?

1. Take proper amount
2. Smear on palm, add a little water
3. Knead a soft foam
4. Leave gaps between your fingers to allow air to enter
5. Add a small amount of water 2-3 times
6. Until the foam becomes fine and elastic
7. Palms face down and the foam does not fall off
8. Silky and dense foam makes skin hydrated and elastic

NEW – Perfect white clay cleanser

1. Degrease and exfoliate
Add mineral white mud, dense foam to absorb pore dirt, remove old waste horniness.
2. Transparent skin
Without fear of being rough and dark, the skin is smooth and bright after washing.
3. Moisturizing
Add moisturizing essence and moisturize the skin.

NEW – Perfect whip collagen cleanser

1. Add collagen cosmetic solution
Stronger moisturizing effect
2. Deep moisturizing, firming skin
Daily use, provide more skin care

Using method

1. Apply foam evenly over the entire face to avoid getting into the eyes.
2. Fully massage your forehead, T zone.
3. Rinse the foam with water.

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Facial Cleanser



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SENKA Perfect whip foam cleanser





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Japan skincare products


Face Cleaning


Silk protein essence, double hyaluronic acid

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