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Universal Trimmer Head


Six-Leaf Blade
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Need some trim work done on the lawn or to the bushes? Our Universal Trimmer Head makes mowing and lawn work a breeze!


🌿 Blades You Can Count On: Six sharp and durable cutter blades work for garden or agricultural use.

🌿 Universally-Fit: Designed with a 1-inch-round center hole, this trimmer head fits 99% of straight shaft punchers, making it suitable for brands such as Stihl, Echo, Homelite, and Husqvarna.

🌿 The Do-It-All Trimmer: Use this tool to cut thick grass and weeds or branches, brush, and shrubs.

🌿 Rugged and Durable: The trimmer head is made of high-quality manganese steel with an insert that’s sturdy and durable, providing a lifetime of use.

🌿 Easy to Install: The trimmer head chain is easy to install and convenient to use.

Product Details:

  • Material: Manganese Steel
  • Color: Red / Yellow / Green / Gray (Random);
  • Mounting Hole Diameter: Approx 1 in. / 25.4 mm;
  • Diameter: Approx 4 in. / 11 cm;
  • Height: Approx 2.36 in. / 6 cm.

Make lawn mowing and routine yard work less of a headache with this practical trimmer accessory! 

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Trimmer head





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Swing Metal Blade

36 reviews for Universal Trimmer Head

  1. A***r

    The product is stable and easy to use, strong, and a good choice.

  2. A***n

    It’s a very good blade. It took about 5 minutes to cut the area that been working on for two weeks.

  3. D***k

    Your product is a great idea. It saved me time doing my yard work.

  4. N***l

    Works well for cutting blackberry and honeysuckle vines.

  5. J***n

    It has been used for three days and is very pleasantly surprised at its efficiency and quality.

  6. A***k

    Very aggressive and yielding at the same time. I recommend this product!

  7. K***n

    Love the quality and strength to get the job done.

  8. J***k

    Haven’t installed as of yet. It looks as advertised and I am excited to try it out.

  9. J***n

    Better than ever!
    Love the garden work!!

  10. W***m

    I bought it several days ago and it works very well, help me clean the grass quickly.

  11. G***y

    Fast and smooth weeding, like it! It’s exactly what I was looking for. I would buy it again.

  12. J***f

    No dislikes. The product works as advertised.

  13. P***r

    I love this product. Very strong metal and sharp blades.

  14. M***n

    This is my first try at changing from a string to metal blades, but wow, I’m very happy with this item especially since it arrived with the adapter parts.

  15. T***s

    I bought it several weeks ago, easy to install. It works very well, help me clean the grass quickly. It’s a very good blade.

  16. B***n

    These 6 blades razors work perfectly for my patio weeding, no more hustle now. Only that you need to get a different washer for the center hole in the blade. I am happy with my purchase!

  17. R***r

    Best Brush Cutter you can get.. Doesn’t get jammed up with tall grass easily… Easy to sharpen… I would like it to be a bit more hardened metal… But, it`s a great purchase…

  18. J***h

    I’m using this with Greenworks coded string trimmer and works great. I was able to attach it to the trimmer using the trimmer head and it worked fine.

  19. A***n

    This is the best attachment I’ve tried for a thick brush. Rips right through saplings up to an inch thick. Easy install on my Stihl FS-45.

  20. D***k

    I had some time mounting it on my Stihl FS45. But after trying a few different washer/nut configurations and a little tack welding this thing really works really great!

  21. V***r

    I took it out to my ranch to see how it would do, and it did awesomely. It cut through the weeds pretty good, the blades could have been a little heavier I felt but overall it did great. I purchased another one for back up.

  22. C***s

    This cutter blade has replaced my steel blade for cutting thick brush. I liked it so much the first week I used it, I bought another one right after.

  23. S***n

    It cut grass and thicker stemmed plants without a problem. Be careful, it will cut you or anything you touch with it. Be careful around barb wire and field fence as it cuts it quickly too.

  24. K***n

    I decided to try this trimmer attachment after watching a couple of videos and so far it has performed very well. Not only does it do great on grass and weeds it also handles small saplings easily. I would recommend it to anyone using stringer line alone.

  25. L***m

    This is a heavy-duty trimmer head cutter. Got it to clear some light brush on my farm. It’s perfect for small briar bushes and thicker weeds that a string couldn’t handle. The blades are sharp and the steel is sturdy. This is going to cut back on lots of work trying to cut big stuff. I would recommend this for anyone that does a lot of trimming.

  26. H***y

    I’ve been a fan of blades for my weed eaters for years. If you have grass or brush and don’t have to worry about hitting some obstruction, I recommend a blade. I keep one sharp in reserve. They slide through the grass with ease. Also, if you have poison ivy, it won’t atomize it like the string. But make sure you use lots of eye and shin protection(I use knee-high boots).

  27. S***n

    This plowed through grass 2 feet to 6 feet tall like it was a normal string in tough grass. Almost like warm butter. Make sure your trimmer motor is powerful enough. I have an ECHO SRM-225 and I would NOT recommend anything smaller.

  28. D***n

    WOW, very seldom does a product work the way it is advertised. This product works better. Make sure you order the adapter kit. Saws threw small trees in heavy growth and completely removed heavy brush growth.

  29. M***l

    My husband has fixed our weed wacker using this blade. It came sharp, was easy to install. The directions were easy to read and follow, and the part was universal fitting most weed wacker tools. He is pleased with having this tool fixed quickly and easily using the guided instructions. The blade was as described and reasonable in cost.

  30. W***m

    This product is great. Arrives as advertised. When you need something more than just string for your trimmer or brush cutter. Good value for the price and it’s durable. I accidentally hit my chain link fence and the blade actually bend the chain, with very little damage to the blade. Would recommend for thick tall grass, small light brush. I would say saplings and anything else 1/2″ diameter or bigger would be too much for this blade, go with a circular brush blade. But I would recommend this product.

  31. S***h

    I got this for my husband because he has worn his other one out. It cuts well and goes right threw the thick weeds. We even used it to cut down little tree limbs and worked fine. It comes with a sharpener and my husband liked that. You can’t go wrong purchasing this blade. It’s well worth the price you give for it.

  32. R***t

    I’m using this with Greenworks coded string trimmer and works great. The only problem is this does not have a mounting kit. Just the blade. I was able to attach it to the trimmer using the trimmer head and it worked fine.
    So technically I have the string and the blade both now :).

  33. J***s

    Very sturdy… I hit the clay dirt hard a few while I was getting used to this.. I didn’t bend the blade a bit. I used it for cutting through a 5ft pile of grass that had a lot of sticks and branches mixed into a size I could mow over. It cut through it like butter.

  34. A***d

    Thus far I’m very pleased with this tool. I’ve been using it to cut thorny muscadine vines and 1” diameter saplings. It works like a charm. Very durable so far and cuts thick stuff very quickly. I’m using this on a Stihl FS-91R and power isn’t an issue.

    The one trick I’ve found for a thicker brush is to literally whack it with the blade while it’s at full rpm. Trying to take little bites takes too long. If you hit it with a brisk sweeping motion everything will cut down quickly.

  35. M***s

    Blade works very well for clearing tall and thick grass. Install was a breeze on Stihl Brush Cutter. Solid value for the money. The blade was purchased out of pocket and no compensation was received for this review.

  36. O***n

    This is a solid blade that has taken much abuse as I have cut more than 14 acres of sagebrush [up to 2.5 inches thick] as well as some pretty tough grass. It does require an adapter though I won’t include a link since the one I got required modification since it was not compatible with my Craftsman 30cc 4 stroke weed whacker. You will certainly want some power behind this blade though- Stihl users, prepare to be impressed! I have hit rocks [which became gravel, but watch the sparks if you are cutting dry grass and have a fire extinguisher nearby], and I hit some chain link fencing, which sawed wide open down an 18-inch stretch while not being careful with it, but no fear- there aren’t even any nicks on it yet!

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